Life has a soundtrack... you just gotta find your tune.

We can learn very valuable lessons from our children…As adults we don’t want to use the word “perfect” b/c it implies a “faultless” life. But I don’t see any harm in using it. Life needs contrast. I say contrast which pertains to the good and the bad in life. Without contrast, we would not be able to make sound judgment and decisions for ourselves in this life. We have made decisions to put us in a place that we are in at this very moment. If you want change – take the daring steps to make it happen. You can live that “perfect” life; you can be happy in the life you live today; you can be satisfied with your efforts and outcomes. We put a lot of emphasis on the past, the things that we’ve lost, situations that may have gotten out of control, friendships that have changed, relationships that have ended etc. I think we need to start paying attention to what we have now. Be aware but do not dwell - What will be, will be especially if you want it to be! Never lose sight of your goals, understand your purpose and work towards the bigger picture. The “now” in your life, “this moment” will too be part of your life lessons to teach yourself to grow and be wiser. I am grateful for my past, I’m looking forward to my future and I’m enjoying the present! #Live4Today #reflection - @nimojah- #webstagram

@itslisamichelle Past guest on Soul Suite [Soul Spot: Live] Segment

@itslisamichelle Past guest on Soul Suite [Soul Spot: Live] Segment

Past Guest L the 12th Letter Recently released his album on 12.12.12… #timing

Did up some mixes for my boy at the Zumiez retail store.

Myself and Arlow Maverick of Politic Live.

Outside CHRY 105.5 FM Studios

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